Event Registration – Arlington, TX

July 20-22, 2018 – Arlington, TX

Time Sensitive: You MUST Register NOW! 

Bob and Kathleen claimed a hefty profit!

Bill, On May 31, we picked up our $23,000 check for an assignment fee. On our 1st real estate flip, we put a contract on it for $255K and sold it for $280K with an investment of less than $1000. ––Bob and Kathleen Rich-New

Give me 3-Days and I’ll prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt
that YOU can enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle
even if you’re starting from scratch.

I’ve shown thousands of people how to invest in real estate, even those with zero experience, no CA$H, special skills or connections.
Now YOU can be one of them!

And it’s SIMPLE once you’ve got 2 easy-to-learn skills down pat. And I’m
only teaching these skills to those who attend THIS event.

The Amazing Thing is You Will Learn Everything In 3 Highly Entertaining Days!

Dear Friend,

Don’t you just love the media? They play up the doom and gloom yet, rarely showcase the opportunities in this economy. That’s my job. It’s a skill I developed years ago as a financial forecaster and real estate investor. They aren’t telling you that circumstances are unfolding that present enormous financial opportunities for you in the coming year. Opportunities to…

BREAK-FREE of debt and claim certainty in your finances…
earn serious money… build a nest egg… and have the freedom to enjoy it! 

Barry – another typical student of mine walked away with $34,348.54 on a transaction.

Barry is a beginner with no special skills. All he had was desire and our consulting!

If you are even remotely interested in enjoying true financial prosperity and a worry-free lifestyle… take your seat at the table and learn what’s coming down the pike for those who prepare. Be prepared because…

Truth Revealed––You CAN Have it All!

That’s a bold statement for sure. What are these opportunities? I’m going to tell you. More importantly I’m going to show you exactly how to cash in on them in Arlington, Texas on July 20-22, 2018. This live event will not be like any real estate investing seminar I’ve ever held in the past––ever. I promise you this. I enthusiastically suggest you attend. Here’s why;

The Timing is Ripe
You Will Learn to Find and Close Deals and
You Reap the Rewards!!!

Liz earned $15,000 on her first transaction!

Bill… after attending your training, I used the techniques that you taught step by step exactly the way that you presented them to put together my first real estate deal utilizing owner financing to sell a property. How exciting!! I sold a piece of land for a $15,000 profit but by using owner financing I am making 9 ¾% interest! – Liz Updike 

Current market conditions and the state of the economy is creating a serious need. People need your help. There’s a void in the market, everyone is looking in the wrong direction and missing serious opportunities. In a short time, YOU’LL be prepared to snap them up.scribble

You’ll discover who needs your help and where to find them. You’ll learn who to talk to and what to do to put yourself at the right place at the right time.

arrowThink about this… investors want safe yet aggressive returns. The stock market is still unsafe and Bank CD rates are a joke. Buyers have new jobs and want to a good investment and a home of their own. Sellers are still losing their jobs or having to relocate and want a fair deal. Since real estate investing is a people business, people with these needs all have to turn to someone, someone like you.

…but that is just the very tip of a much larger mouth-watering iceberg I’ll reveal on July 20-22, 2018!

Right now, is the time to fill your contact list with… investors hot on your heels with their wallets out enthusiastically wanting to invest in your deals… a steady stream of fundable home-buyers needing a home from your inventory… sellers who have taken a beat down by the economy and who want help getting out of their property are eager to cut you a deal.

Cheryl – a student of mine walked away with $42, 407.48 on a property.

You will learn exactly how to do this type of transaction. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is once you have our formula!

Turn Your Deal Pipeline into a Raging River
Be the One They Call

At this groundbreaking live event, you are going to learn the exact marketing techniques it takes to fill your pipeline with all three types of prospects and build a successful real estate investment business, of your own.

You’ll finally be the person everyone turns to for help. You’ll be the one they call. You’ll be the one who genuinely cares about helping them and you’ll be the one enjoying the profits from providing them with a valuable service!

Get The Picture?

And the word gets out, people talk and as a result your business flourishes! That’s right. You’ll discover the exact easy-to-adopt success habits as well as how to put them into practice to grow your income. You’ll be astounded by how these simple habits practiced daily will quickly improve your financial picture, your real estate investing business and ultimately, your life.

Tom has closed 5 deals since coming to my program!

“Using the contractors I met in Bills network alone may even be worth attending Bill’s entire program. I can’t even imagine being without this resource. Then again, Bill’s help made all the difference in being able to make my real estate investing career profitable” – Tom


It doesn’t matter if you have just 5 hours a week for your real estate business or have the luxury of devoting yourself, full time. It also does not matter if you’re a financial klutz, a rank beginner or have years of experience.

Put these simple activities into practice daily and they will bring you a flood of business building opportunities. Oh let me mention something important, you aren’t going to just learn them, we’ll even play some fun drills until you own the 2 most important success habits––and your life will never be the same. I mean it!

Here Are 3 Reasons to Attend…    

  • First, because… The door is being flung open and there are opportunities right now as a result of current economic conditions that are unique to THIS exact time in Texas. If you’re using a game-plan designed for real estate market conditions that existed even six month ago… they’re hopelessly obsolete. You must be up-to-date to take advantage of today’s real estate market. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself behind the eight-ball.
  • Second, because what I’m about to reveal is not a mere dry-run. I’ve laser-sharpened it, tested it and used it very successfully with myself and my hand-selected, one-on one consulting clients. These people follow my advice and take action. They walk the walk. They’ve enjoyed results in States all over the country. The results have been a $10,000 or greater profit on every transaction… in many cases substantially greater. Think about that.
  • Third, attendance for this event is strictly on a limited first come, first serve basis. I’m closing the doors and locking them shut after the first 60 motivated people walk through the door. If you’re motivated and you take action you’re in. If you’re not, you lose out. No amount of begging, persuading, cajoling or downright bribery will get you in the door after that… leaving you with another year in financial purgatory. There is still time but… the clock is ticking.

There is no time to dawdle!

Who Should Attend?

This event is for motivated people. It’s for doers. It’s for people men, and women who are willing to invest 3 fun-filled days and 24 eye-opening hours for a much better life. It’s for people who have had enough of ‘having to’ get up each morning and drive to a job they hate and are ready to  step into a life where you ‘get to’ get up and do something you love. It’s for people who are willing to take on the attitude that they ‘get to’ do the activities that will take them from where they are to where they want to be. It’s for people with a burning desire to improve their financial condition.

Do any of these traits describe you?  If your answer is YES, come by and join us.

Ask yourself: If I miss this opportunity (foolishly), what will happen to me in the next year? 

sadWill you still be… struggling financially every month… still denying yourself and your family of the good life… choking on polluted air on your way to a job you hate… shackled to low wages…  … standing on shaky financial ground… Sadly yes.

On the other hand, ask yourself THIS question:
Once I get this information, how will my life improve?  <Great Question!

happyWill you… live in a better neighborhood… drive a nicer car… enroll your children in a better   school…gain the admiration of your friends… enjoy memorable vacations? Happily YES!

Write down those goals. Your ability to achieve them is
inevitable with your real estate investment business!

Get the idea in your head… “I need to attend! This is for me, this is for my family, this is for my life!” Throw away the ‘yeah but what abouts.’ Go deaf to those self-limiting excuses that have continually denied you of a better life. Get a vision of what life will be like when you finally achieve the goals you’ve craved for years. It’s your life, take charge if it. Attend. Turn the volume up on your voice of victory. Follow this advice… attend this 3-day destiny altering seminar and…

When You Attend this 3-Day Life Improving Event, You Will Also…

  • Become skilled on how to fund a deal, learn where to find the money, how to buy and how to sell to maximize profits––the whole ball of wax. All with a check sheet so simple anyone can follow it!
  • Learn how to find properties market your properties and move them quickly. Find out what the biggest mistake people make in selling a home and how to avoid it. And a sure fire method that will move a property quickly.
  • Master the game of monopoly in the real World and profit from them. You’ll also learn when to jump on a property, fix it, flip it or when to walk away.
  • Master 2 success habits that stand head and shoulders above the rest and will build your career for years to come!
  • Create your very own step-by-step 120-day plan that will take you where you want to go.  You’ll set daily and weekly goals and you’ll be accountable to Bill for achieving those goals.
  • Learn the magical power of certain words that will turn a casual acquaintance into a trusted business team member and expand your profits for years to come! (In fact, this is so powerful it shouldn’t be allowed!)  
  • Discover how you can use low-cost advertising, promotions and the correct use of the Internet in your marketing. It goes without saying that this is absolutely critical in today’s World but you need to learn how to avoid getting sucked in to a black whole of time and energy wasters!
  • Prepare yourself from the get go for the important questions a potential buyer, seller or investor asks you. You’ll be ready for every question they might ask you. You’ll be armed with the answers that move them in the direction you want them to go!
  • Acquire and use the tools you need to build your business while you overcome any former ‘yeah but what abouts’ that blocked your path to prosperity. You’ll dissolve the fear or discomfort of talking to potential sellers, buyers and investors. You’ll be highly equipped for success!
  • Overcome your concerns that lack of credit, cash, experience or knowledge of that holds you back. You’ll find out where to get all these components and how to get help when you need it.
  • Understand your simple steps to having a Hugely Successful Real Estate Business verses a Barely-Get-Along Business located on Grumble Alley
  • Gain the confidence to ‘pull the trigger’ on a deal and overcome your fear. I do have a plan that will let you rent some confidence and allow you to… fly with my experience. 

Dont Even Think About Flying Solo

This is the best part. We’ll cover some real-life transactions that some of my one-on-one, consulting clients get to bring to my table. You see, I have taught and coached thousands of hand selected investors over the years and inevitably, somewhere along the way, there’s always a dialog that goes like this.  “So Bill, when I asked them about ______  they said ______ and I just figured we couldn’t do the deal, so I gave up.”

My reply is always something like this.  “Well, did you think about ______.  That would have made this deal work instantly, wouldn’t it?”  This is usually followed by a pause, a sigh and these words or something similar, time after time … “Well Bill, I sure wish you’d been there!”

Avoid Pitfalls––Overcome Obstacles

You’ll see the pitfalls and how these obstacles were overcome. I hold the bike until they’re ready to take off the training wheels and go it on their own. And you’ll be there at the seminar watching and learning from their experience. And you may be selected to be one of my very own one-on-one protégé’s. However, that can only happen when you attend this action packed, event.

Your daily ‘metal-coffin-ride’ on the smog-infested roadways of DFW––GONE forever
Loved ones losing their home?–– YOU’LL be able to help them
Serve your wind-bag boss––HIS pink slip

Ben Franklin said, “Invest the coins in your purse into your mind
and your mind will fill your purse.” Ben gives us wise words to live by.

Here’s What to Do Now!

Decide to attend. Make that decision this very millisecond. Invest a little time and very little money into yourself. It’s a decision declare the life you desire take a stand for to achieve it. Turn a deaf ear to those lies you’ve told yourself about why you can’t. Get that picture of a bright future.

Are you willing to invest in your future and learn something that can
bring you and your family everything you’ve ever wanted?


That’s fantastic––you have what it takes to make a great success of your business. Go right now and click on the button to secure your seat at the event.

Remember I’m only letting 60 people attend. Decide right now to be one of them. Soon you’ll be reaping the rewards of what you’ll learn at the event.

You must act swiftly––by now––you must realize the clock is ticking and time is running out! 


P.S.  Think about this –– the economy isn’t going to wait for you. Neither will the opportunities that are unfolding as a result. There is a small window and it’s open right now. There’s no telling when––opportunity will run out.  Most importantly, this event holds the only LEGAL way that average people can get your share of the dream with very little risk.

P.P.S.  It is really possible for you to break-free of debt and claim certainty in your finances… live in a better neighborhood… drive a nicer car… enroll your children in a nicer school… gain the admiration of your friends… enjoy memorable vacations.